The Negative Effects Of Incarceration

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America has the largest amount of people incarcerated in the world. Due to the high numbers of incarceration, overcrowding has become a financial burden. Elderly and terminally ill are a major cause of the overpopulation. Everyone involved with the inmate population took a step back to analysis ways of lowering the population of prisoners. After much debate and gathering of facts official think it can be solved with pardons to the elderly inmates along with some terminally ill. Readers will understand how the decision were made for early release and the programs used after release. Testimonies are revealed in the article to pull at the heart strings of readers. Testimonies are also used by parole boards for some of the decision to move forward…show more content…
The cost of housing an inmate is great, but an elderly or sick one is astronomical. The extra care required is not helping with staffing either. Some elderly during incarceration have to be separated due to discrimination from younger inmates. They are not a good part of the population when it comes to work required to keep the prisons running. While reading one will notice how they describe a prisoner’s age verses someone that is free. The fact that they have stress from all areas within the prison and they tend to age quicker internally. People incarcerated over the age of forty-five are noted to have up to three chronic illnesses while being…show more content…
This would be a good thing if only the elderly population had some where to go. Some have lost contact with family and friends and have no place to go. A major requirement for a pardon. Powers that be went back to the drawing board and revamped a system for these people with numerous programs. One of the main ones was POPS – Project for Older Prisoners. This program offers housing and support for pardon inmates. Things to ensure some type of control were electronic leg bracelets. The cost of using an electronic bracelet is one tenth of the price of housing an inmate. Prisons are looking at pardon for elderly and there terminally ill. The cost has become the leading factor along with prisoner rights. Prisoners are filing lawsuits for everything from protection, medicine and treatment. The fact that the healthcare facilities are not up to standard for most of the problems these populations have has cause numerous lawsuit problems. Another major push to pardon elderly and ill who do not pose any harm to the public. This particular article was written in 1994 however updates of this article are available via the
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