The Negative Effects Of Keeping Up With The Joneses

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“Keeping up with the Joneses” has much more serious consequences in today’s world than just giving in to societal pressures. The philosophy of "Keeping up with the Joneses” has had several important and tangible negative effects on today’s society and on the environment. According to this philosophy, consumerism occurs when people compare their material belongings in relation to their peers. Consumerism exists on the general assumption that human desires are infinitely expandable, and everyday companies around the world compete by trying to satisfy those consumers’ needs and desires. With the influence of the internet and social media, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements for goods and services. Consumerism does not just involve society’s preoccupations with acquiring goods, it also involves the rate of manufacturing and disposal. Consumerism creates a negative effect on today’s world by causing environmental sustainability issues, encouraging overspending, and promoting income inequality.
Not only does consumerism use up natural resources such as clean water, trees, and precious metals, it contributes greatly to the destruction of the environment. Consumerism directly translates to the building of factories, exploitation of natural resources, and an increase in wide scale urbanization. Exploitation, urbanization and industrialization, lead to a depletion of natural resources that is significant enough to harm the economy as well as the environment. Due to
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