The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Communication

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The recent technology revolution has placed infinite amounts of information at the everyone’s fingertips. It is easier than ever to check the name of that actor that’s on the tip of your tongue, text a Christmas list to your mom, and even shop for a new refrigerator. With countless websites to see what friends are up to, it may seem like we are more connected than ever. But how does the age of cyber-stalking influence our relationships ‘irl’ (in real life)? Elders report it, and millennials retort it, but social media has a negative impact on face-to-face communication and relationships. I believe that most people have been in a situation where a casual get together turns into four friends checking Instagram on the same couch. We feel that it isn’t necessary to share stories and information in person because “you posted that on Insta.” We feel that we are still in touch with people that we haven’t spoke to in years besides commenting “imy” (I miss you) on their most recent vacation snap. Facts and information are so readily accessible that we often forget that real emotions cannot be expressed through an emoji. Because it is so hard for people to form emotional connections, we as a people are becoming increasingly lonely. The loneliness that results from a lack of social ties is not the same feeling that you experience when you have nothing to do on a Friday night. This chronic loneliness, which the American Psychological Association declares “a growing health

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