Negative Effects Of Technology In Society

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People in Society nowadays spend most of their time using their smartphones to communicate, be entertained, and attain information in their daily life, texting and social media sites have become the means in which people communicate with others. When I was a kid I used a 3DS to be entertained, by these days entertainment comes by using a phone, personal device, or a console which can easily be transported. Information is spread within seconds by using social media. As you can see, society has become overly dependant in using technology in their daily lives for three reasons.

First of all the use of technology by children is detrimental when it is overused. Granted I've seen many young children want their parents phones or they start crying and fall to the ground and kick to get there way. However, society doesn’t accept this obnoxious behavior. For example, children can lose respect for their parents and not follow rules, just like when Peter yelled in an angry tone”George” to his father(The Veldt). This also shows how children lose respect for the adults in their lives. When they want to use technology or smartphones, because they call them by their name or don’t listen. If this disrespectful behavior continues, then the children in society will grow up and expect everything just like they got when they were younger. In addition, children can be spoiled and obsessed with technology and smartphones, as one can see in “The Veldt” when Peter and Wendy become attached

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