The Negative Effects of Divorce

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Many people think that it would be best if families stayed together, while others believe that an unhappy marriage is useless, and the dissolution of the marriage is the best choice. However, with current laws being the way they are, the process of getting a divorce is too simple, which is why people tend to opt out of their marriages instead of working at them first. These failed marriages often result in more harm than good. [A series of laws should be enacted to make divorces harder to obtain because divorce can be financially damaging, leads to general unhappiness, and can cause strain for the children involved.]

To start off, divorce can hurt both parties financially. One of the top reasons why a couple decides to divorce is because of money problems. What they do not realize is that a divorce will not make their problems go away. Women specifically struggle the most in their finances. Statistically, compared to other divorcees, women have a one in five chance of falling into poverty after they divorce. Nonetheless, it is not just women that struggle after a divorce. Men also have finance troubles as a result of divorcing. “Depending on their situation, men experience a 10%- 40% decrease in their standard of living after a divorce” (Utah). Because married couples share their money when they…
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