The Negative Impact of Conglomeration of Media Companies on Audiences

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Wedian Ibrahim May 13, 2012 The Negative Impact of Conglomeration of Media Companies on Audiences The word conglomeration is defined as the formation of a large company by the merging of separate and diverse small firms. Media conglomerate is a large company or corporation formed by merging of different small media outlets such as TV, radio, newspapers, and internet. Big companies tend to buy out other smaller companies in the market to increase their revenue by increasing their viewership, and to control the smaller companies’ resources. This creates media oligopoly by which few firms dominate the market. This media conglomeration is threatening democracy because of its negative impact on audiences. Those…show more content…
With the closure of the Reporter in 2003, the city of Cambridge lost its oldest local news coverage source in Southern Ontario. Some criticizers claim that Torstar closed the Reporter to make room for the other more profitable daily newspapers (Robock 1). Mirko Bibic, senior vice-president of regulatory affairs for both the network and its telecommunications parent, BCE Inc, says “We won’t continue to fund chronically unprofitable stations, tiny stations in tiny little towns.” (Sturgeon 1) . With the closure of many local media outlets lots of employees will be left unemployed. In 2009, 1000 journalists lost their jobs in local newspapers in Northcliffe in the United Kingdome because Northcliffe Media Company lost 37% of these newspapers advertising revenue (Toynbee 1). Also, Guardian Media Group closed 153 of its local newsroom in the same year (Toynbee 1). In conclusion, conglomeration of media needs lots of attention as it is threatening democracy in Canada. Conglomeration of media made corporations care about the business part of the media more than the ethics of the profession. Conglomeration of media also caused media bias and loss of objectivity in delivering the news to the public. Finally, conglomeration of media is the major cause of the loss of the local news in Canada. As a result, lots of media professionals are losing their
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