The Negative Role Of Auto-Tuning In Popular Music

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auto-tuning has come into widespread usage in music in a variety of ways. And as a whole, this widespread usage of auto-tuning has had a negative impact on music. First of all, auto-tuning has allowed otherwise mediocre singers to sound perfect when they sing or perform. Secondly, the use of auto-tune has reduced the tonal variety of modern pop music. And finally, the use of auto-tuning has created a pitch-perfect standard in music consumers that is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to actually achieve when someone is actually singing.
The use of auto-tuning in the music industry has allowed otherwise mediocre singers to become famous. In the past, if a singer was simply OK and not overly impressive in the vocal department, they had to make up for it in other areas. For instance, the Beatles were never known to have amazing vocals, however they made up for it in their songwriting and harmonies. But now, with the advent of auto-tuning, such extra efforts are no longer required on the part of the performers. No, instead, just about anyone can
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Firstly, it has made mediocre artists famous. Secondly, it has reduced the variety of tonal quality in music. And thirdly, it has created artificial expectations of music in us as a society. It could be said that the use of auto-tune has had some positive effects on music. Some artists have created incredibly creative tunes using auto-tune effects, and what feels like a new genre of music has been created through the use of auto-tuning in more traditional genre like rap and country. However, the effects of auto-tune have been way overused in the industry, and most artists don't use auto-tuning creatively, they simply use it to cover up poor vocal performances or edit a recorded song instead of taking the time to re-record it properly. And thusly, I can confidently state that the widespread use of auto-tuning has had an negative impact on
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