The Neighborhoods Within A Town

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Neighborhoods within a town hold plenty of differences, some more drastic than others. Manor Drive in Park View compared to 6th Avenue in DeWitt contrast in different ways through looks, but also have a few similarities. Parkview is a town of around 2,388 people, as of 2010, with growth of around .3% each year (Park View Owners Association). This town is home to its own Elementary school, but joins its middle and high school with Eldridge. As for DeWitt, it has a population of 5,284 people, as of 2014, with a growing rate of 2.2% within the last two years (DeWitt Demographics). DeWitt obtains its own school district; elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school. Both towns resemble each other with a nice community, set town boards, …show more content…

As of 6th Avenue it resembles the acts of Manor drive. Children playing outside at the St. Joseph 's park, families get along well with other families in the neighborhood, and parents outside watching in case of emergency. For the school aspect, busses are provided or they ride with friends or family. The comparable aspects between these two neighborhoods are limited but what is there, is something you don’t see often. Both communities encourage kids to go outside for fun activities and the parents or guardians are actively involved. By doing so it is creating a trusting bond between households and engaging in the child 's development. Children with involved guardians feel comforted and understand keeping a cheerful environment while growing up(Bayer, Hanming, McMillian). Even though these two neighborhoods have some similarities between them, there are also major difference that separates these two small communities. Race doesn’t play a hefty role in America today, but it is still evident in our lives. Parkview living is about 15% African American with a 72% Caucasian community (Park View Demographics, De Witt Demographics). The location of Manor Drive is a primarily an African American neighborhood with apartments and townhouse living. This location is not well kept: overgrown grass, broken windows, and caved-in roofs. The constant repairs being made on homes there are never ending. Manor Drive holds the largest crime rate in Park

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