The New Acca Professional Qualification Syllabus

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The NEW ACCA Professional Qualification Syllabus. What do the changes mean for you for the June 2011 exams?
Periodically, ACCA conduct a review of their examinations process and syllabus content. The purpose of these reviews is to ensure the qualification continues to be relevant to the needs of students, employers and learning providers. The last major development of the ACCA Qualification was in December 2007. The qualification was brought up to date and restructured to meet employer, student and learning provider needs at the time and to comply with the International Education Standards of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) and other regulatory requirements. As originally publicised in the June 2010 edition of Student
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A new syllabus and exam style were originally planned for introduction from December 2011 examination sittings. On 25th January 2011 ACCA announced that the introduction of longer style questions would be delayed: “ACCA will introduce longer style questions in the future and as such approved learning content materials will contain some of these longer style questions. ACCA will provide sufficient notice on when the longer style questions will be introduced.” Students should consult their Dublin Business School lecturer or use the link below to monitor future changes. Only the International variant is expected to be part of the new syllabus from December 2011 examination sittings.

Paper F4 No change to paper content.

Paper F5 Syllabus additions and deletions to better align with Papers F2 and P5. This will include a greater emphasis on Decision Making Techniques.

Paper F6 (IRL) Syllabus additions and deletions to better underpin the syllabus of Paper P6. This will include areas such as domicile, termination payments, and overseas aspects of VAT.

Paper F7 International Varaint: The syllabus has been updated to introduce more legal/regulatory information on

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