The New Cloud Computing Technology

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• The purpose of this policy is to provide the best security performance to managers, executives, and cloud computing vendors for nonprofit organizations sector.
• The purpose of this policy is to replace the actual enterprise policy with a new security policy that will focus on the new cloud computing technology.
• The purpose of the policy is to offer the best completion of cloud computing services that will enhance storage, processing, and distribution between the nonprofit organizations.
• The scope of the policy is made to encompass the whole nonprofit organization with the execution of the cloud computing services practices.
• The policy outlines the requirements established to maintain and protect the security for nonprofit organizations.
• The policy offers a broad dimension of tasks for the storage, processing, and distribution of data for the nonprofit organizations.
• The policy must comply with the best security models in all the three locations Boston, MA. San Francisco CA, and New Orleans, LA.
Policy Statement:
Cloud computing, is mostly referred to "the cloud," and is a technology that offers a lot of demanding computing services and resources such as applications, networks, etc that are accessed via the Internet (IBM Cloud, n.d.). The most known providers or vendors of cloud computing are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Interoute, and so many more. The services that cloud computing provides are: communication project
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