The New Deal : Why Was The Implementation Of The New Deal

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The New Deal
During the period 1929 to 1939, the United States was struck by a brutal economic downturn otherwise known as the Great Depression. Luckily the president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt organized a great plan to combat such a depression. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1930's scheme was referred to as The New Deal. The New Deal was s series of temporary proposals implemented to provide federal relief and work programs such as the Work Progress administrations(WPA) in order to get the United States out of its economic woes. (George,73). Along with the New Deal, Roosevelt created several agencies to service it and execute its proposals to aid America. Although majority of United States citizens benefited from the effects of the New Deal, a select few like African Americans and Mexican migrants did not.

Who Developed and Implemented the New Deal?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president of the United States for the period of the Great Depression, took office in 1933. He immediately sprung into action schemes to combat the country's economic troubles. Fortunately, the same year Roosevelt took office he implemented a number of proposals collectively known as the New Deal in order to fix the effects of the Great Depression. (George,73).

Why was the Implementation of the New Deal Significant?
Because the New Deal was implemented, more jobs were created with the help of the Work Progress Administration which in turn provided a safer employment outlook for unemployed
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