The New Guinea Pig

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The New Pig
In movies you hear some things about guinea pigs. You may hear that they are mostly used as test subjects. You may hear that people eat them in South America. You may think that guinea pigs are gross, long tailed rodents, but they aren’t. In my opinion guinea pigs are cute. And they have no tail. But they are classified as a rodent. I do think that guinea pigs are cute. They squeak , they chirp, and when they walk, it is more of a waddle. But neither my mother nor father want me to get a guinea pig. They think that I will not take care of it. They think that I will let it starve. They think that I will let it go thirsty because I will forget to give it water. But I think that I will be responsible enough. I took care of a Beta fish ( a Japanese fighting fish ) for 3 years without it dying. I changed it’s water in the bowl twice a week every week for …show more content…

Then I begged my mom and dad for a guinea pig for a long time. And after a long time of begging and telling them how responsible I was, my mom and dad finally broke down. They said, “ Fine, you can have a guinea pig, but you have to agree to take care of it.” “ Yes!” , I shouted. So my mom took me to the pet store to get the guinea pig a cage. We went to a pet store that was closing, so everything was ½ off . We got a large blue cage with a wire top, a wooden house, a metal food bowl, and a bunch of toys. Then the day after that we went to a different pet store to get the guinea pig. I ended up choosing a male, baby guinea pig. Sometimes to the this day my guinea pig will bite me and not want to come out. Plus when we would actually get him out, he would just sit there. To get him to do anything we would have to lure him with lettuce or carrots.
But now my guinea pig is a little less lazy. He’ll walk around on my floor now, and he will run around in the kitchen. He is crazy for carrots. Or any other type of

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