The New President Of The United States

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In the article, the new president of the United States Donald Trump has made plans to temporarily ban Muslims from entering this country. According to Huffington post, “The reason behind Trump’s decision for the total shut down of Muslims entering the United States is until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on (Goldberg, 2016).” President Donald Trump discussing his plan through the media has created a great opportunity for the radicalization of the American Islamic population to become easier, which leads to the recruitment for Jihadist terror. The appearance of Trump during his public speech on banning the Muslim culture has been used for recruitment. In addition, a video of Al-Shabaab Terror group …show more content…

It is unconstitutional. The first amendment of the Bill of Rights says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Trump’s Muslim ban is the prohibition of free exercise of religion under the guise of a national security threat. In addition, I think that the 90-day ban will assist Islamic extremists in the recruitment of more people for their organizations. Donald Trump is the perfect villain to add justification to the terrorist cause as they take advantage of the people from the banned countries. The people are desperate. Their homes and lives have been destroyed by decades of war that the United States has had a significant role in starting (Clark, 2011). Now the same people are being denied refuge from the same country that is partly responsible for their displacement.
Influence of New Media
According to the course text, “new media is made of up devices and capabilities surrounding digital and internet technology that are categorized by interactive social media and multimedia content (Surette, 2015).” Based on how new media is characterized, I think that the influence that new media has on this story is that it allows for this information to be easily and quickly shared with

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