The New System Of The Uk

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The number of patients who are suffering from asthma and breathing problems in the UK is on the rise. Companies such as Ruritanian Oxygen Company (ROC), therefore, are mainly established in order to securely supply both those patients and local hospitals with medical gases (such as Oxygen in cylinders). Hospitals can basically order oxygen cylinders from ROC to be delivered to patients at their home when they are not at hospital.
The main aims of the new system of the ROC are to operate a secure network of cylinder warehouses and to continually deliver Oxygen cylinders to patients via a fleet of vans. In addition, the new system requires replacing the current (tradition) system such as facsimile with a new and secure system such as ROC portal and E-mail systems. This will allow customers to track their orders and even ROC can track their drivers in order to send them new instructions without the necessity of returning to the company.
However, as ROC is struggling with supplying the entire UK, they have to subcontract with local medical gas companies to underpin them by covering certain areas in the UK.
1.2. Information lifecycle and classification
There are multitudes of information that are needed to be processed and collected by ROC system. Some of this information is sensitive, and therefore it must be well-secured and protected from potential risks (confidential) in order to avoid negative consequences. Some of the sensitive information is as follow:
 ROC information,

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