The Night Before Halloween Short Story

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The night before halloween october 30th in Madison Wiscon There was a special group of friends Getting ready for halloween the next day. Everything was just like it was supposed to be until they heard a crash in the yard “ What was that” said Nicole “ I have no clue, Maybe we should go outside and have a look” said Lily Lily was the brave one in the group. “ Are you out of your mind it could be anything out there” said Nicole “ Exactly!” Said Lily Lily got up and bolted to the door the rest of the group followed except for Nicole “ Are you coming or not Nicole” said Lily “ Absolutely not I actually use my brain” said Nicole “ Fine then” said lily Lily and the rest of the group reached for the door “ Wait! Don't leave …show more content…

All of the girls were tired when they got back to together to see if anyone found one sign of where lily might be. “ did anyone find anything” Said Allison Unfortunately no one found anything that would give them clue of where lily could be “Guys what are we going to do we were up all night and we found nothing” said sierra “ we would probably have better luck in the morning when we will have more lights than flashlights” said allison The long night finally passed, in the morning the girls told the local sheriff's department ad they have sent out many search parties and found nothing. Helicopters circling the sky and police cars wandering the streets still nothing was found about lily. “Guys we should of never had let her go outside, She could be anywhere and we can't do anything about it” Said Nicole “ we should all go search the woods tonight” said sierra “ but what about the sheriffs and our parents they said not to go anywhere near the woods, and plus what ever took lily is out there” said Nicole “ One of our best friends is somewhere and no ones knows where and she could be hurt, and i hate to break it to you

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