The Night - Original Writing

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Instead of waking up to the sound of the ocean crashing against the sand, Jordan woke to the rustling of leaves. He looked around his new room, which was filled with boxes that needed to be unpacked. Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he got up and looked out his window, curious about the sound. He peeked out the window, shocked at what he saw. He could have sworn the leaves on the trees were all green last night! But now, they were vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. Some leaves were sprinkled on the ground, and some were in large piles. Kids were leaping in and out of them, laughing and smiling. They fell from the sky like a tropical storm, showering the ground below. Why are the leaves these colors? Jordan wondered, not knowing much other than…show more content…
“I’m not allowed to talk to strangers.” “We’re not strangers- we’re neighbors. My name is Syca. Syca Moore.” “I’m Jordan.” “Nice to meet you!” Syca reached one of her bare branches towards Jordan, and he shook it. The tree smiled. “Now that we know each other, don’t go picking my leaves again, please. It hurts. Let them fall naturally.” “Naturally? How do they fall naturally?” Jordan asked, tilting his head. “Well,” she started, “my leaves are green in the summer because they have something called chlorophyll. And that helps them get “food”, or photosynthesize. To photosynthesize, my leaves take the light and warmth from the sun, and soak it up like a sponge.” Syca squeezed Jordan’s arm as if to represent it. “But, when the Earth spins, the light stops warming one place, and warms another. The day that this happens on is the Equinox, when the sun has completely shifted it’s rays away from one area. This is why up here, in the North, it’s colder in the fall. Now, remember what I said about the leaves photosynthesizing?” Jordan nodded. “Well, without the light and warmth, the chlorophyll dies, and the green goes away. In place of this, the leaves turn yellow, orange, or red. This is because of pigments, or colors, called carotene and anthocyanins.” “Cool! Those are long words.” Jordan exclaimed. The tree laughed. “Wait, I’m not done. The reason they fall is because their stem goes through abscission, which detaches it from the tree. Following that, they
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