The Night - Original Writing

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When I woke there was a loud thud. I jump up. The room was pitch black and I couldn 't see a thing. I try to find the lamp puting my hand on the desk feeling for it. When I turned it on there was a scream downstairs. I jump out of bed pushing the box off the desk. I nearly trip running to the stairs. I keep my hand on the railing making it halfway there until I hear the familiar noise of ticking. The light downstairs was the only thing I could see besides a dark silhouette of man holding a woman by her neck. I cover my mouth. I see the man throw the women to the side and hear a crash again. My heart was beating so hard I thought he could hear it. My grip on the rail tightens as I slowly make my way back up the stairs. I barely make it to …show more content…

Come on, I really don 't like heights, man. His pinchers started to make that ticking noise I was begining to hate so much. Duuude, What do you want? I gripped the sides ready. "Nothing personal kid. Just orders." He ran towards me an I jumped. The ground was coming fast, my heart raced and a burning sensation in the pit of my stomache.I closed my eyes tight as the burning sensation took over. I hit the ground feeling the soft carpet under me. Wait...I opened my eyes. I was still in the quest room next to the door. The baldman turned around. "Nice trick. Now stop kidding around." I saw small glint of light under my bed and pulled it from under the bed. My ring. The baldman grabbed my ankles and dragged me out the room. The burning sensation came back stronger this time. The ring in my hand seemed to burn too. "Stop!!" I kicked my foot out. The burning didn 't stop as he threw me over his shoulder with little effort. I shut my eyes as the burning spread all over. There was a loud crash as I landed on my back hitting something hard. I roll over holding my side as theres a sharp pain. I had landed on the glass coffee table in the living room. I groan rolling over trying to get on my feet. I sit up feeling tiny pieces cut into my skin. Gotta move.Gotta run. I grab the ring out of the heaps of shards and head towards the door. While passing the kitchen I see a body behind the counter. Ms.Park. Tears prick my eyes

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