The Night - Original Writing

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Sometime after sunset, I managed to fall asleep on the sofa while Hawking and Gran continued talking. The ghosts, having figured out we just didn’t care anymore, quieted down to the occasional moan and howl. I guessed even ghosts get tired of all the drama after a while. I woke up at ten and saw Gran sleeping in her chair by the fire. Hawking stood by us, keeping watch. After deciding there was no way I was going to be able to fall back asleep, I closed my eyes and was out in seconds.
The next time I awoke, the room was brighter, and my stomach was growling. The clock read half past one. Gran’s chair was empty, and I could hear the clanking of dishes in the kitchen. The delicious aroma of frying bacon wafted through the air.
Yawning, I took a detour to the restroom. After a shower and a change of clothes, I felt human again. In the kitchen I helped Gran by flipping pancakes. Hawking watched while we cooked, and every time I turned my back the pancake stack got shorter and shorter. That is until I wove a protection spell around the plate. He was put out that of all the times I tried, this was the time my spell actually worked.
The ghosts must have heard our activity, because soon they started up with their thumping, banging, screaming and all the other annoying sounds that go along with a castle full of vengeful spirits wanting a little payback on the murderer’s descendants. It gave our meal that extra little touch that one expects with fine dining in a haunted castle.

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