The Night - Original Writing

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Scratches In The Dusk I woke to the noise of scratching, shooting straight up. There it was again, except this time it ripped my small tent. I looked over to my side in habit looking for my small caliber rifle, but for some reason It wasn’t there. I could see condensation from the beast’s breath forming on the outside of my tent in the moon glow. Then again, another rip on the other side. The creature was extremely fast, but made no noise moving around in the early fall. Why did I ever come out here? Why did I do this I thought. This was a terrible idea, and I shouldn’t have done it. I had a warm house with my family just two miles up the hill, but I wanted to camp out here for a night. Why did I do this, why? Before I could process…show more content…
I started up my fourwheeler I had rode out to my camp and shifted through the gears faster than I had ever. I was so scared from this event that I had left everything at my campsite. Although I was only staying out for one night, I had came with much equipement. I thought I was prepared, but obviously not enough. Ripping through the field and eventually hitting woods again I headed home. I arrived and ran into the house without looking back. I didn’t want to look back. Slamming the door a little bit to hard, brought my mom running down the hall from the bedroom. “James, what happened.” I couldn’t even make a word out before she said “why are you scratched on your legs.” “Mom,” I exclaimed, something really bad and strange happened. “I’ll show you in the morning, but I am fine.” I’ll clean the cut, just go to bed I’ll be fine’’ I said. With a half puzzled, half concerned look on her face I hugged her and headed to clean my cut then go to sleep. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought about what had just happened, and it scared the hell out of me. I awoke at eight AM, I had slept just four hours. My Father was up, in the kitchen stirring around. He had asked what happened last night, but I couldn’t remember. All I remembered was leaving the tent and getting on the four wheeler. Just then, it hit me. I had slept just shy of my trail camera. I headed once again at a fast pace to the trail camera. As I came upon my camp I could see it all. The torn
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