The Nuclear Metals Incorporation and the Mess They Left Behind

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The Nuclear Metals Incorporation or the Starmet Corporation is located on a 2229 Main Street in Concord, Massachusetts. The site produced depleted uranium products for armor piercing ammunition. They also created metal powders for medical applications, photocopiers, and specialty metal products, such as beryllium tubing for aerospace needs. From1958 to 1985, the holding basin that contained all the industries waste such as depleted uranium and copper was unlined, which caused issues. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Quality Engineering took ground water samples that showed volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in the supply well. This well was formerly used for drinking water for the community. The results indicated that the …show more content…

In 2004, the Army financed the removal of approximately 3,800 drums of depleted uranium and other waste materials. The process lasted between the years 2005 to 2007. Presently, it is owned by a private general contractor, Demaximis Inc., that’s main purpose is to stabilize the site. The threat of problems for the population was high because soil over a mile from the nuclear dump at the site was radioactive. A 1993 study discovered the town's residents suffered higher rates of cancer than the state average. The most contaminated area on the site was adjacent to Camp Thoreau, which is a summer camp for children three years old and up. The waste was not in a remote are but rather a very residential town. One person, Citizens Research and Environmental Watch leader Rick Oleson, reported to the media that: "People later could put a house there and dig a well there, or grow vegetable’s”. This brings the issue to life as the waste affected and could affect many more families. The media reported a waitress at an ice cream shop in Concord, Massachusetts, was shocked to hear of a Superfund site “On Main Street?”. The portal of it through the media was that it would be one of the most difficult cleanups because there was radioactive material on site. The media enjoyed reminding the readers or viewers that Concord was “the crucible of the American Revolution, where the ‘shot

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