The Number Of Children Poverty

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The number of children in poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand 2016 has become an enormouse problem. As of 2013 one in four children is in a household that lacks enough income for basic needs like being able to heat their house, own a decent pair of shoes or purchase fruit and vegetables too consume (Perry, 2013, p213). Since the election of the current National Party lead government six years ago, 35,000 more children are living in poverty-stricken lives. As with other governments facing similar problems, such as Australia and .. there is now discussion within different political parties within New Zealand about how the people in political power can reduce the number of children in poverty. A social issue can often be hard to define, whether it is a private or public issue is often one of great debate. The use of social policy is used to create a collective response to perceived problems surrounding equality, gender, disability, ethnicity, power, freedom and sustainability. The significant increase of children in poverty is of interest because of clashing views of different political debates about how to improve the wellbeing for the children that are living in these unhealthy standards. All parties involved in these debates have both positive and negative opinions on how this can be achieved. This essay will argue that the Green Party of New Zealand, with their social democratic set of beliefs have the potential to positively impact the lives of children in poverty. The essay…
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