The Number Of Criminal Cases Essay

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The number of criminal cases under the TVPRA included in this article is one prosecution in E.D.L.A. The name of the criminal case was US v. Robinson and it was a sex trafficking case. Sections of the TVPRA relied on in Robinson include §1591 Sex Trafficking, §1594 (c) Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, §1593(A) restitution. Ultimately, the outcome was the third party K. Patel entered a plea agreement agreeing to pay restitution in exchange for the dismissal of the knowingly benefiting from sex trafficking charges under §1591. Interestingly, the government seized the assets of Patel ($97,994.15) during the criminal proceeding and the total charge could be five years imprisonment and/or a fine of $250,000, or the greater of twice the gross gain to the defendant or twice the loss to any person under Title18.

Interestingly in a case analysis of TVPRA elements effecting state level prosecutions of human trafficking in the US and the span of the study included 11counties (254 cases) when “knowingly benefitted” was included in 91%arrests, 95% prosecution and 78%found guilty. A Farrell, MJ DeLateur, C Owens and S Fahy, ‘The Prosecution of State-Level Human Trafficking Cases in the United States’, Anti-Trafficking Review, issue 6, 2016, pp48-70. The study concluded that of the TVPRA elements evidence of “knowingly benefitting” from human trafficking was one of the most likely to lead to a conviction. Id.

b. Civil

This article will be based on an analysis of 21 §1595 civil
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