The Nurse Is Responsible And Accountable For Individual Nursing Practice

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 Provision 4: The nurse is responsible and accountable for individual nursing practice and determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with the nurse’s obligation to provide optimum patient care (“American Nurses Association, 2011”). 4.4: Delegation of nursing activities - Nurses are responsible for delegating tasks to CNA 's, LPN’s, and other nurses. As a Charge Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit, I am frequently delegating task to my co-workers. It is important to me, that the tasks are distributed evenly with an equal load. When I make an assignment for my coworkers there is a lot of thing I take into account, which are what is the patient acuity, can they do nurse work with vents, drips (catizem, heparin, insulin etc..) how is the nurse a new graduate or experience nurse. I also figure out how many discharges we may have that shift so I know how to distribute the patient’s evenly. I do not want to give one nurse 3 possible discharges while another nurse has no discharges that would not be fair to my nurses. I think of all those things when I am making an assignment for that shift. I put the same effort when I am delegating or putting an assignment together for the nurse’s aide working in my unit. We are here to work together and provide the best patient care to our patients.  Provision 7-7.3 Contributions through nursing and health policy development In my facility where I work at, all nursing staff members are encouraged to bring about change within
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