The Role And Responsibilities Of The Nurse

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As the nurse leader progresses through the strategic planning process, he or she must take into consideration the financial costs and timeline required to implement their strategic plan. Developing an operational budget and a realistic timeline are critical elements in ensuring the strategic plan is successfully implemented (Lee & Jones, 2004).
Financial Resources For many years now, healthcare organizations in Canada have faced financial challenges as a result of lower healthcare spending and increased expenses (Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2014, para.1). Therefore, before the introduction of any new initiative, the nurse leader must ensure the change does not bring any financial hardship to the organization and resources are used in a cost-effective manner (Marquis & Huston, 2015). For this planned change, there is no financial cost with revising the role and responsibilities of all the Nurse Clinicians and the existing budget is the financial resource that will cover the cost of adding another Nurse Clinician The largest financial aspect of this planned change is the salary of the new Nurse Clinician. In this case, when creating another role the nurse manager has to ensure the change will be cost-neutral to the organization, meaning the addition of one Nurse Clinician will have no impact on the overall budget. To accomplish this, the nurse manager responsible for the Clinicians explained that when the unit-assessors were doing the MDS, every unit in…
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