The Nurse Practice Act Of Illinois State

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The Nurse Practice Act of Illinois State is 225 ILCS 65. IL offers an APN to diagnose, interpret labs and order diagnostic tests. APNs is able to provide counseling and education for prevention of illness and promotion of health. They can provide palliative and end of life care, and can supervise and delegate to task to LPNs and RNs. APNs have prescriptive authority if they have a written collaborative agreement with a physician and are limited to 30 days (IGA, 2014). In order to practice as an APN in IL one must have a current unrestricted RN license, have a masters degree approved by the State Board of Nursing in the specialty of choice and a national certification. State Board of nursing is the regulatory authority of IL APN practice, and they accept certification from ANCC or AANP or certification from specialty agencies. APNs in IL requires 50 hours of continuing education in a 2-year license renewal period. IL is one of the States that offers versatile certification opportunities for APN in addition to advocating for the full practice authority of APNs. A systemic review done by Kuethe (2013) finds it is better for an NP to manage chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes for their better control and healthcare cost reduction as physicians do not have enough time to provide comprehensive care (p. 5). Personal Assessment By taking my RN experience in Critical Care for 12 years into consideration, I am considering myself as a competent RN but a novice nurse
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