The Nursing Shortage That Plagues The Area

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Given the chronic nursing shortage that plagues the area, it is my recommendation that this facility hire seven registered nurses within the current budget cycle. The demand for registered nurses will be significant for the foreseeable future and the supply may be less than the demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2013) “Topping the list of occupations expected to grow between 2012 and 2022 are personal care aides, in the No. 1 slot (580,800 new positions); home health aides, No. 4 (424,200 jobs); and nursing assistants, No. 6 (312,200 jobs).” (par. 1) (See Appendix A) The BLS also estimates that there will be an additional need for 525,000 replacement nurses in the workforce, bringing the total number of job openings …show more content…

This shift in the setting for health care is moving health care back into the patient’s environment and also requiring people to take a greater role in their individual health management. Nurses can offer professional guidance in this trend as well. Proper diagnosis and treatment will be of paramount importance in the future so that health care funds can be better applied and the nursing experience and knowledge gleaned can be more widely disseminated in the field. (Saver, 2006) Subject Analysis
New York City needs more nurses in nearly every health care facility in the metropolitan area. The recent calamities that befell the city including Hurricane Sandy and the terrible Nor’easter that followed it illustrate how the private investment and construction industries work together with government agencies to make development in New York unparalleled on a global scale. This vibrant economy will offer strong growth in nursing jobs in the New York area. According to an op-ed piece in the New York Times, Alexandra Robbins (2015) describes the frustration experienced by nurses working in severely understaffed facilities. Nurses generally work with four patients at a time and area hospitals were being assigned seven to nine patients, an unsafe relationship. Many studies have shown that more patients per nurse translates into a

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