The Objectives Of The Lra 2002 Replaces And Repeals The Land Registration Act 1925

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Introduction The LRA 2002 replaces and repeals the Land Registration Act 1925 in its entirety. However, the same principle which also applied in 2002 Act. Law based on these three principles. The “Mirror principle” provide that by the register should reflect or reflect all the rights and interests of the registered land titles. The "curtain principle" which is purchasers need look no further than the register and are not concerned with trusts. The “Insurance Principles” is a simple, if the title is officially registered which is supported by the statutory scheme of national security and compensation. Both the 1925 and 2002 LRA embodied these principles, though the 2002 Act is more determined in its pursuit of the mirror and curtain principles. The aim of the LRA2002 is described as ‘total registration’, in other words to ensure that as much as possible the ownership of land in England and Wales takes the form of ‘title by registration”. According to section 4, “compulsory registration", awarded more than seven years of legal lease must be registered. Under the previous regulations, only more than 21 years or more lease had to be registered. It has clearly bring more proprietary benefits on to the owners register. Other rights under section 3 is voluntary registration. Such a change is in the form of voluntary registration of private land. In case SCMLLA Properties Ltd v Gesso Properties (BVI) Ltd [1995] which involves the purchase of the land has been vested in
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