The Odyssey : A Very Classical Adventure Story Of The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a very classical adventure story. As you read the book, you come across the most thrilling tales about Lord Odysseus, a Greek commander in the Trojan war, and his incredible journey back to a place where he once called home. This book, in respect to the author, Homer, is sort of the genesis of Western Literature as of having a unique tragic flaw within a hero who is the centerpiece of a story. Seeing that Odysseus’s journey is an odyssey within itself, Homer decides to introduce a numerous number of obstacles and scenarios that give you a deeper look inside of who Odysseus really is as his morals are tested throughout the story from beginning to end. The themes throughout this epic occur mostly throughout the whole story. Those themes include marriage, the deceased, and true friendship.

The Ancient Greeks took great pride and honor in marriages. Odysseus says that “There’s nothing more disgusting, more disgraceful, than a woman whose heart is set on deeds like this to arrange the murder of the man she married.” Odysseus’s comrade, Agamemnon is an example of marriage betrayal. This scene transpired when they were both stranded on the land of the dead. Agamemnon explained to Odysseus about how his wife was behind the plotting of his death to run away with her lover. Odysseus was highly shocked at the news, because as an Ancient Greek who valued marriage, he had never heard of such a terrible thing. The Ancient Greeks were taught that being
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