The Odyssey And The Symposium

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Often times we live our lives based on what our environments pour into us. Friends, family, media, books and experiences shape our way of thinking. Friends give opinions on what they think should be, family will tell you right from wrong; or at least what they consider right from wrong, media will paint an elaborate picture and give visuals of how to, when to and what to expect, and books open our minds to fairy tales, realities and possibilities. After indulging in some of the “great books” that include The Odyssey and The Symposium, I can say that these readings, without a doubt, can and will influence and shape the way we understand our lives. This essay will defend the notion that these “great books,” The Symposium; The poems: Ulysses, Ithaka and Penelope are considered to be fundamentally vital to the human condition. These great readings take us on a journey, a journey of love, loyalty, Perseverance, faith, and the goodness of life. The stories point out some of the most vital aspects of life. In reading The Odyssey, we are able to connect with Odysseus’s journey early on. If we know nothing else about life, we know that in order to be what you want to be and whom we want to be, we have to continue on the course, even in the face of difficulty and struggle. Most call this perseverance. Odysseus had to make a decision to either persevere or give up many times. From the very beginning, Calypso imprisoned him, but because he was connected to the gods and had great faith,
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