The Odyssey By Bernard Evslin

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Greek Gods are known for, helping and fighting others, but is that really true, and do we really know their stories? In the book “Theseus” by Bernard Evslin, Theseus is a young man that lives a boring life, until one day, a seagull told him that Poseidon was Theseus’s father, and he wanted to find him. Theseus overcomes various obstacles, he finally reaches Athen and finds his father king Aegeus. Later on Aegeus ask Theseus’s to go on an important journey. Meanwhile, another, epic poem is The Odyssey by Homer. After ten years of the Fall of Troy, Odysseus was disregarding to the gods, and the gods were flustered that they set Odysseus and his men off course to where the cyclops lived. But luckily, Odyssey trick the cyclops into being…show more content…
He welcomed the dangers that lay in wait. ‘The more, the better,’ he thought ‘Where there’s danger. There’s glory. Why I shall be disappointed if I am not attacked’(Evslin 156). Theseus wants to take risks, and so he is using the habits of mind taking responsible risk from the habits of mind. Theseus ventures out even though he might put himself in danger. Taking responsible risk means that he wants to do things that might be dangerous but is worth it. Theseus wants to venture out to find his father, even though he is going to danger himself. Although many people are faced with life threatening problems, Odysseus will always try his best to get him out of a situation, by creating imagining, and innovating. The cyclops captures Odysseus and his men and was going to eat them. But luckily, Odysseus had a plan to escape from the cyclops by making the cyclops drunk. So later on Odysseus obtains some wine from his ship and says to the cyclops “Cyclops, try some wine. Here’s liquor to wash down your scrape of men”(Homer 9. 904). He wants to trick the cyclops into getting intoxicated so they could escape and return to his land. Odysseus was using something from the habits of mind and that is creating, imagining and innovating. Odysseus is smart to trick the cyclops and escape. He knew that if the cyclops was intoxicated the cyclops would not pay attention to Odysseus and his men, and they could escape. Using

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