The Odyssey By Homer

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Taylor Michael
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November 28, 2014

The Odyssey is a work by Homer, written to take place ten years after the fall of Troy. In the Iliad Odysseus was not a crucial character, but this particular text follows him around and details his experience after the war. To give some background, He has yet to return to Ithaca in the beginning of the text, away from his wife now for the duration of the battles as well as these ten years following. While he was gone, his palace was overthrown by Suitors and his wife Penelope was set to bring up Telemachus (their son) without his father. While all of the other Gods can see what is going on from Mount Olympus, Zeus requires Hermes to free Odysseus from Calypso and set him on the right foot in getting back home to Ithaca. Although he encounters many hardships and obstacles along the way, at the end of the novel he is ultimately reunited with his one and only true love, Penelope.
The relationship between Penelope and Odysseus is one that is unlike any other and contributes much to the entire plot and storyline. Penelope is portrayed to be a strong, clever, and hopeful individual that her husband will return to her regardless of his disappearance of twenty-something years. It is clear that she would prefer to marry Odysseus instead of any of the suitors by the cleverness she uses when she is deciding a competition to choose her next husband. She virtually makes the task so difficult that only one person that she knows could

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