The Odyssey By Robert Fagles

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Robert Fagles’ translation of the Odyssey delineates a journey as both a transformative and life-changing experience that does not necessitate physical travel. Such characters as Odysseus, Telemachus, Penelope, and Athena have undergone physical, imaginative, spiritual, and emotional travel, which has had a telling influence on their lives. The journeys have played a critical role in shaping, transforming, and developing the characters. This paper will detail the journeys undertaken by various characters in the Odyssey.
Odysseus is the main character in the Odyssey. His journey is revealed as full of obstacles as he attempts to become more than a man by gaining preeminence over other mortals. He is depicted as unsurpassed in both prowess and power, which makes him regarded in the same lights as gods. By stating that “Now the master mariner steered his craft, sleep never closing his eyes” , Robert Fagles offers insight into the life of Odyssey as a master mariner and a venerated soldier. Subsequently, the true identity of Odysseus is revealed when he voraciously slaughters suitors.
Robert Fagles’ Odyssey also details Odysseus journey as undertaking a musical bearing given the extreme control he demands from his peers and the harmony he brings to those around him. Through control, Odysseus is depicted as a powerful character. Compared to suitors, Odysseus has a comparatively methodical approach that gifts him courage in the face of life challenges. Being a cunning champion

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