The Odyssey : The Epic For Artistic Inspiration

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Throughout modern and contemporary culture, there are countless allusions and references to Homer’s literary works, specifically, The Odyssey, due to its impact upon readers, capturing their imaginations and inspiring countless works of art, literature, cinematography and music. Within the music world, there are numerous references to The Odyssey made by song writers and performers. Drawing upon the trials and tribulations of Odysseus and other characters within the plot of the epic for artistic inspiration, who serve as references to clarify perspectives and particular situations, within their songs due to the many topics and personal experiences relating to human struggles that are covered throughout. Such an example of the trials and tribulations recorded throughout The Odyssey are recreated through music by progressive American metal band Symphony X’s song “The Odyssey,” which was released on their fifth album, The Mythology Suite in 2002 (Symphony X History). It highlights the main struggles of Odysseus throughout the epic as he continues to journey home to his family and homeland of Ithaca. The song itself is a contemporary symphonic rock and metal musical representation of the novel’s most memorable moments, capitalizing on Odysseus’ struggles and journeys. The specific trials that Odysseus faces are referenced throughout the song as completely different, broken up as different sections of the whole song, which are split by symphonic interludes, just as the different

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