The Official Definition Of Illegal Is “Contrary To Or Forbidden

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The official definition of illegal is “contrary to or forbidden by law”. The definition of an Immigrant is “an individual who comes to live permanently in a foreign country”. Therefore Illegal Immigrants are foreigners who enter another country, the United States of America, without a Visa. They cross the border by avoiding inspection and overstay the allotted period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson. There are 12 million illegal immigrants in America today. How is the possible if it is illegal? And more importantly, why are they allowed to stay if they went against federal law? The United States claims to have safe borders, but fails to enforce law by accommodating to the needs of these illegals that make it past…show more content…
The American people are supposed to trust their government. How can they do so if their safety is not their number one priority? Facts regarding crimes committed by illegals should promote the prioritization of the United States’ citizen’s safety. The immense responsibility the government of America withholds is to protect its people, but this can not be done when borders are open. By allowing anyone to cross at anytime, more unknown products, weapons, and criminals could come into play and further add to these statistics. It is important for us to have close borders in order to prevent this nonsense from progressing. The United States will fully lose its safety and eventually itself as one nation. Open borders allow an immense flow of unsafe diversity into America, not only taking away a home of safe living, but the culture of the American people as well. By allowing foreign individuals into our country freely, America is slowly, but surely, losing its culture. The definition of multiculturalism is, “of, relating to, or representing several different cultures or cultural elements” according to the dictionary. The United States is becoming many nations under many gods, in opposition of what our National Anthem states in singular form, “one Nation under God”. This is due to

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