For Many Years Immigration In The United States Has Been

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For many years Immigration in the United States has been a huge problem, people from all over the world have been crossing over the border to come to the United States to better their lives, families, and education. However, not every immigrant is legal, they sneak into to our country because and some people are poor, to find their families, to get away from the wars, and many other reasons. Immigrants many arrive here in multiple ways like smuggling, human trafficking, and many other reasons. The border and the portal are being questioned for why and how these immigrants are getting into our country especially the ones from Mexico. There has been more than 1.3 million people caught trying to enter the United States illegally from Mexico …show more content…

Even though political parties didn’t agree with the issue at hand they did come up with a “ “guest worker” program might be paired with legislation to tighten border security and curb the hiring of illegal immigrants” (Douthat and Woodson, 431) this plan work for a little while but after that it became too much not everyone that applied would get visa/work permits and then more and more immigrants tried to sneak to the United States. No matter what the people have wanted to happen with border patrol immigrants are still getting in and something needs to be done.
Border patrol/immigration has become a huge topic in not only the United States government, but also to the everyday people. Not only has immigration and border security become a main issue in the last presidential election in 2016 it has also become a main topic for the safety of the citizens of the United States Of America. This is becoming a huge problem because currently there are “10 million illegal immigrants in the United States and this number is growing by 700,000 each year.” (Pearce, 1) Why are these numbers so high? It is because we do not have the right amount of security at our borders in America “On one hand, the presence of so many aliens is a powerful testament to the attractiveness of America. On the other hand, it is a sign of how dangerously open our borders are.” (Johnson, 1) as American citizens, we should be fighting for a

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