The Old Man And The Sea Theme

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The Old Man and the Sea
“He always thought of the sea as la mar which is what people call her in Spanish when they love her.” (pg. 29) This is one of the many beautiful quotes from the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway that shows his love for the sea. This incredible story goes through the battle of an old, unlucky man and a huge fish. This particular man is a very experienced fishermen who has gone 84 days without a catch. Ernest Hemingway wanted his readers to learn the importance of understanding pride and ambition versus fate and chance and the ways that applies to everyday life. This is shown through three major aspects which are his luck, fight to catch the fish, and his journey home.
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Santiago had gone so long without a single success that when he came close to catching a fish, his willpower would not let him give up. His course that day was different from usual considering that he set off very early and went extremely far out. It was effective however since he hooked something early on, a something that was much more difficult than a usual catch, especially for an old man by himself. His strength was enough but not enough to pull the fish up on his own so he had to wait until it would come up for him. “It was noon when i hooked him,’ he said. ‘And I have never seen him.’” (pg. 46) By nighttime it had been hours since he had gotten the fish but he had still not seen him. Most people then would give up and head in but not the old man. “‘Fish,’ he said softly, aloud, ‘I’ll stay with you until I am dead.’” (pg. 52). Because of his old age, this was almost true simply because he did not give up. Towards the end of the battle, the book quotes “He felt faint again now but he held on the great fish all the strain that he could.” (pg. 91). Even in a moment of weakness, Santiago gave this fish his all. Despite the old man’s age and the size of the marlin. Santiago had too much pride in himself to let fate take it’s course.
To most people, the journey home is sweet and beautiful, full of happy memories of the adventure but Santiago’s was far from that. Eventually the fish came to a place where the old

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