The Olympic Games : Athletes

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The Olympic Games are a sporting event in which athletes from all over the world come to one city to compete in various sports. The Olympics take place every two years with the Summer Games and the Winter Games alternating. Up until about twenty years ago, the Olympics were permitted to amateur athletes, or athletes that compete in a sport without collecting revenue from their activity, only. The International Olympic Committee, a committee that organizes and relegates the modern Olympic Games, changed the eligibility requirements of competitors in 1986. They permitted professional athletes to compete in the Olympics because many “amateur” athletes that were competing had been financially supported by their governments to train full-time. Because the lines between professional and amateur athletes were becoming illusory, the IOC, or International Olympic Committee, dropped the distinction between professionalism and amateurism, which opened the doors to all athletes. Once professionals were allowed to compete, an important question arose; Are the Olympics better or worse with the addition of professional athletes? There are many differing opinions that are still being argued to this day. Professional athletes activity in the Olympic Games continues to be a controversial affair because while some believe that they make the Olympics better and more interesting, others argue that they make the games worse and less fair.
There are many differences between professional and…
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