The On Pre Heist Meeting

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Their pre-heist meeting is a quick one, as Slick and the Crew have come to a unanimous agreement that this joint, a competitor’s budding casino which Slick has affectionately coined “prime fuckin’ real estate”, will be a cakewalk to overturn. Little is said save for the obligatory introduction and brief review of what’s at stake. A condescending reminder or two of their incompetence lest they stick to the program exactly. A plethora of colorful language. Et cetera. It 's usually like this: Slick finalizes the plan and the Crew splits off accordingly, and it just so happens that each time the same two teams are unconsciously constructed and file in; demolition and muscle to the left, stealth and intellect to the right, rinse and repeat. It…show more content…
There 's no contempt in the order, and Droog is sure that if he scrutinized the plan more carefully this sudden arrangement would achieve perfect clarity. He 's not disappointed at all when the time comes to leave the hideout and a tiny voice from below his shoulder announces how happy it is to be working with him. No, not in the slightest. ~~~ “This is what happens when you compete with the Crew, you scumsucking son of a whore.” The man’s quivering death throes have all but ceased before Slick finishes his monologuing, now cold and slack against the mobster’s vice-like grip. What a shame-- all that time spent devising clever ways to insult one’s mother, and not one person had the decency to stay alive long enough to be subjected to them. Regardless, a triumphant, toothy grin works its way across his blood spattered features. Nip ‘em in the bud before they get too comfortable. Teach ‘em not to move in on our turf. Discarding the hollow shell amongst other victims of the slaughter, he observes their collective handiwork via a balcony overlooking the smashed remains of slot machines, several tables, and a small, shabby bar; a measly stock, most likely stolen or bartered for outrageous prices. Nothing worth salvaging as Clubs douses it all with a generous amount of lighter fluid-- including, Slick observes with perverse pride, the still bound-and-gagged owners of the establishment, ravaging their vocal chords with muted
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