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Trinity Industries Inc. is a “diverse industrial company that has managed to tap a variety of market-leading businesses providing products and services to the energy, transportation, chemical, and construction sectors” (Trinity Industrial INC. – about us). Trinity’ 2015 10K annual report was used to derive the following information. Their main headquarters is located in Texas, their state of incorporation is Delaware, and they have been publicly traded since 1958 on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol “TRN”. Trinity employs over twenty thousand individuals primarily in the United States, and Mexico and maintains a distinct group of clients through their five segments. The first Rail Group, which is the heart of the company earned …show more content…

J. Bender. Mr. Bender began his “career as a car salesman and later focused his sales expertise into selling LP tanks”. In 1946, “after parting ways with his partners necessity required an engineer as he didn’t know how to build products”. Bender found his “engineer in W. Ray Wallace and Wallace became Industrial Steel’s seventeenth employee (Legend of Trinity, 2000). Wallace led the company in their merger with Dallas Tank Company in 1958, as the new companies President and First Chief Executive” (Revolvy-Trinity Industries). Today, after many acquisitions Wallace’s son Timothy leads this dynamic company into the future as the Chairman, CEO, and President since 1985 (Trinity – Our History). Trinity’s revenues over the last five years have noted continued growth and in 2015 stated over 6.4 billion in total revenues, doubling their operating profit from 2013 to 2015. Nevertheless, Trinity’s competition is substantial three of those competitors were chosen on their current stock price, information available from their securities and exchange 10k reports, and location are: American Railcar Industries, CSX Corporation, and Kansas City Southern. American Railcar Industries began its empire in 1864 as Milton Car Works in Milton, Pennsylvania. After various mergers and acquisition for one hundred twenty-nine years, American Railcar Industries was formed. Today American Railcar Industries

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