The Dannon Company

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THE DANNON COMPANY: MARKETING AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (A) Question 1) Should Dannon proactively communicate its CSR activities to the public? Discuss pros and cons of your decision. Answer: Dannon should not communicate its CSR activities to the public. Dannon and Yoplait are the two leading company in US with Yoplait have 35.4% market share and Dannon is second with 28.9% market share. Dannon is not too far behind Yoplait and so they don’t need to do much to become the number 1 player in America. Also, the consumers can gather more knowledge about the CSR activities of Dannon through the Dannon cares section on the website and the 16- page…show more content…
The cons of not communicating the CSR activities are: * The emotional bond between the customers and the company may not be too strong because the customers do not come to know about the CSR activities extensively. * If the activities are communicated the company can differentiate itself as a leading player that cares about the health of the customers and also of the society in which it operates. * Communicating the activities will create great credibility for the Dannon brand which otherwise may not be created. It will help them to have a emotional relationship with the customers. Question 2) How does having a corporate parent (Danone) effect its decision to externally communicate its CSR programs? Answer: Having a corporate parent affected the decision of Dannon to externally communicate its CSR programs. The Dannon Company was a U.S. subsidiary of Danone, which was one of the largest health-focused food company in the world. Danone felt that the U.S. was an emerging market for yogurt and hence, Dannon focused its marketing strategy on increasing the yogurt consumption and expanding the category. Dannon had to follow Danone and maintain a strong commitment to CSR. At Danone, local decision making and was trusted and encouraged. Also, Dannon had a responsibility to its parent company and was accountable for a set of deliverables and data for reporting purposes. It believed in collaborative decision making and therefore major strategy
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