The Only American from Our Village

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The Only American from our Village

Arun Joshi

This short story, written in English, describes what happens when Dr Khanna, an Indian scientist who has settled in America, returns to India for a visit. The court paper sold by the ashtamp farosh who tells the story of what happened to Dr Khanna's father is special stamped paper on which certain legal documents are required to be written.

Dr Khanna was easily the most outstanding immigrant physicist at the University of Wisconsin. Personally, he considered himself to be the finest of all physicists, immigrant or native. He was also among the dozen or so best-dressed men on the campus. When he was forty Dr Khanna, his wife Joanne, and their two sons decided to visit India, the country
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Your father's name is on the Honours Board, too. Mine is not there, because I failed in matriculation. But his name is there. If you like we can go and have a look. He stood third in the state. Maybe you don't know it. Standing third in thirty thousand boys was no joke. He won a scholarship as he always did.He wanted to take up a job but his mother said he must go to college. So he went to Lahore. I am told he made a mark there. But I don't know. I saw him only when he came home for vacation. If he had made a mark he did not let it get to his head. He was always the same with me. I wanted to know about the dancing girls of Lahore but he did not know about such things. But he had brains. Even I could see that. I met him every summer, several summers running. Then he took a job somewhere. In Lucknow or Kanpur or Allahabad - I don't know. You must know better. I saw him when his mother died. He cried a lot. Then he locked up the old house and went away. I did not see much of him for twenty years. Only once or twice when he brought you and your sisters to see the village. He came back after he retired. He looked old, older than his years, but he was happy. He was very proud of you, He told everyone what all you had done. He got angry with me because I was not interested in what you had done. He used to say you would be a big government man when you came back. He would say you were coming back in one year, in two years, any time. Then you got married and he
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