The Optimization Of Process Variables

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The optimization of process variables affecting hydrocarbon separation is carried out to create an environment in which the greatest possible amount of each phase can be attained. Even though there are four variables – pressure, temperature, liquid level and flow rate - that have influence on water-oil-gas separation, this paper mainly focuses on, and provides information about the existing ways of optimizing the pressure and fluid level within vessels used to divide hydrocarbons into their constituent and distinct elements. A case study, from the Pazanan-Asmari reservoir located in Iran, is presented to give a rundown of the pressure optimization process through use of graphs. An individual involved in the aforementioned …show more content…

In reality, in executing the gas-oil segregation process, the prime objective is to attempt and attain the following targets (Bahadori et al., 2008):
• Disunite the light constituents (CH4 and C2H6) from oil.
• Maximize the recovery of heavy constituents of the intermediate elements (C3H8, C4H10, and C5H12) in crude oil.
• Save the heavy molecules (that are the immensity of produced oil) in liquid product.
Optimization of Pressure
A phenomenal impact, on the amount and quality of oil produced in the stock tank, can be acquired by the proper selection of operating pressures in surface separators. The immense quantity of light particles will remain in the liquid state at the separator and will be lost together with other essential components to the gas phase at the stock tank, if the separator pressure is high. On the other hand, if the pressure is too low, substantial amounts of heavy components will be segregated from the liquid and they will attract considerable quantities of intermediates and higher constituents, so it is compulsory to calculate the most appropriate separator pressures both for summer and winter seasons. Significant gains could be attained by performing process simulation to optimize the separator pressure to maximize oil recovery. Apart from obtaining a high recovery of oil, operating pressures have other important considerations in the processing of the separated streams. A minimum pressure has to be maintained for the oil to be delivered to

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