The Organistics Of The Cardiovascular System

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The body system that I chose to write my research paper on is the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is made up of your heart, your blood vessels, and also your blood. Your heart is notable as the pump in the cardiovascular system; it trusts your blood to organs, tissues, and cells in your body. The blood vessels also help the regulation of blood course in your body as well. The two main circuits in your body are called the pulmonary and systemic circuits. The pulmonary circuit helps your blood flow through your lungs, whereas the systemic circuit helps your blood flow through your body. Your blood holds the nutrients and oxygen that can carry the wastes in which need to be removed, it is removed from several organs such as you kidneys and your lungs. The heart is made up of two sides, simply named the right and the left side, and is made up of four different chambers. The top two chambers are on each side of the heart. They are known as the left and right atria. Your left atrium gains blood from your lungs, whereas the right atrium gains blood from the rest of your body. The two bottom chambers are known as the left and right ventricles and they disperse blood out to your body. The right ventricles release blood to your lungs but left push blood to the rest of your body. The chambers on the right side provide the pulmonary circulation while the chambers on the left side provide the systemic circulation. Valves help prevent the blood from flowing in the wrong

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