The Organizational Culture Of The Work Center

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Introduction There will always be issues in a person’s place of employment. Everyone would love to work in an environment where everyone got along, where everyone knew what his or her roles were and stayed in their lane. Most of all people enjoy working in an atmosphere where the managers provide a sense of pride and welcome to all employees. The attitude of the staff is usually a direct reflection of the person in charge. If the top person seems never to be happy or is a strict micromanager then the attitude of the work center is going to reflect negatively to this. If the manager is viewed as having a low work ethic or uncaring about the job, employees will soon develop that same low work ethic or begin to not care about the production of the work center, this is called the organizational culture of the work area. Nahavandi, Denhardt, & Denhardt, define organizational culture as “the set of values, norms, and beliefs shared by members of an organization” (2014, p. 39). Most people believe that those of us in the military do not face the same issues that our civilian counterparts encounter. Everyone knows that service members live by a creed of integrity and strive for excellence in all we set forth to do. However, just as one would find in the civilian sector the organizational culture in the military also has its time where managers or leaders do not present the best image for others to follow. The military has issues, with favoritism, racism, and sexism just as

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