The Organizational Culture And Climate

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Introduction Corporate culture is not a static concept. Many different corporations have different types of cultures depending on different company needs. As detailed by the Glassdoor Team (2012), a large multi-national company may have a different corporate culture to a start-up business, as the culture is forged to respond to different needs within the organization. At Honeywell, we see a particular corporate culture form to cater to its needs and size. As a result, Honeywell conducts and enacts several policies to ensure the culture it wants to perpetuate is consistent and able to cater to the needs of all its employees; when a culture sticks to its employee’s needs and helps them thrive, it allows the company to thrive as well. This paper addresses the various ways in which Honeywell carves out a culture and set of norms for its employees to believe in and follow. Body A. Organizational culture and climate The organisational culture at Honeywell is positive based on my observations working at the company for over 15 years and it is validated by the employees’ high morale. Employee morale is “Description of the emotions, attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook of employees during their time in a workplace environment. Part of effective productivity is thought to be directly related to the morale of the employees” (, 2016). High morale is expressed at Honeywell in the willingness of the working population to complete their given tasks on time, on
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