The Organizational Development Process : Ceo And Management Team

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his competitive edge. In addressing the OD process, the CEO and management team has decided that the organization will be utilizing the five-stage model of the total organizational development process. The steps are implemented in a sequence of one another increasing the probability of a successful change (Brown, 2011). The first stage is anticipating a need for a change. The CEO and the management team after a long meeting have decided that there is a need for a change. The team was established to increase communication, collaboration and cohesiveness between the units to make them more industrious and operational. The reason is that the company is in a state of volatility and needs development. The current condition of the organization is directly related to the loss of profit, employee disengagement, and poor management performance. So the question becomes how do the team work with the OD consultant to determine the type of change strategy to use? The second stage is to create the practitioner and client relationship, which involves clarifying the characteristics of the organization current functions and issues to be addressed. An external OD practitioner from Bain and Co. was invited in by Mr. Manning to initiate the OD program. Upon meeting the specialist, the self-managed team (CEO and Management Team) gathered information about the practitioner’s competence and experience. On the contrary, the OD practitioner conducted a survey on the self-managed team. The
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