The Origins of Celtic Music

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Even though Celtic Music does not have a set date in which it was created, it still has a long and fervent history. The origins of Celtic music, the historical events, and the style of Celtic music are the key factors that led to the creation of Celtic music.

The origins of Celtic music and the instruments used in order to create such healthily flamboyant music. Fiddle, Flute and whistle, uilleann pipes, harp, accordion, banjo, mandolin, guitar, drums, and many others were used in the creation of Celtic Music. The creation of these instruments gave the British Isles a distinct sound when it came to music. This sound was recognised around the world and still is. The British isles which consists of Ireland Scotland and Britain was not in touch with the rest of the world as far as culture was concerned very early in their history. This exclusion from external influences allowed Ireland to develop music that had its own unique sound. Even in this area some of the instruments changed in sound and shape. Not only were there the uilleann pipes in Ireland across the sea in Scotland the war pipes were prevalent. The distinction between the two is actually quite great. The tone of the two are different as well as the physical appearance. The War Pipes have three Drone pipes separately in the bag while the uilleann pipes has all three drones in one spot.

“The CLAIRSEACH was the large harp [...] having from 29 to 58 strings, and even 60, but as a rule 30 strings.”
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