The Outbreak Of E. Coli

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In the year, 2005 a major outbreak of the bacterium E. coli perished in the South Wales and more than 157 people were affected by this bacterium, which mainly included the children. The reason found out behind this incident was connected with a meat supplier who used to serve the local schools and old age homes. A five-year-old child lost his life during the course of this outbreak. Therefore, this paper is written with the aim of exploring the outbreak of E. coli in South Wales, to witness the actual reasons of the diseases, the difficulties that arise during the course of the event and to give a look on the things that this incident has taught us.
E. coli
E. coli or Escherichia coli are a kind of bacteria that affects the intestinal or the digestive system of a human being, which can even lead to death. It is one of the subgroup of fecal coliform bacteria. E. coli O157:H7 is that toxic microorganism or bacteria which causes the intestinal disease in the human beings which is most likely to last about a week. The common symptoms of these diseases are that the patient will have diarrhea with blood (Clermont, Bonacorsi and Bingen 2000). However, the serve cases of this disease may lead to kidney problems, which can lead to death especially when the patient is a child or an elderly person. That is, it can act severely in those patients who have does not have a strong immune system. Some types of E. coli are normally found in the intestines of people and animals

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