The Outsiders As A Disgrace In The Outsiders And Greasers

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Being called a disgrace can be hurtful, but are you actually one? In the book, The outsiders, there are two groups of people that are called Greasers and Socs. Characters in the novel tend to believe that Greasers are troublemakers and Socs are the higher class teens. Socs are a disgrace because of their actions and attitudes. The Socs are a disgrace because they beat up greasers based off of their money issues and the side of a city they live on. If you are someone who is rich like a soc and is in a better environment and situation you are expected to be more respectful. Teens with a strong foundation are more responsible, and kids who have no parents or anyone that is a positive role model end up doing more of what they want. Kids that grow up on a wrong side of town tend to make the most crimes based off of how they were raised. As a Soc, they are being a disgrace by the way they act. Most people in this novel think that Greasers are a disgrace, but no one notices how badly the Socs treat Greasers. The socs bully greasers and that could be causing more anger to build in the greasers that cause them to act out. Socs verbally and physically abuse them, it’s one thing to steal but it’s another when you hurt someone mentally or physically on purpose. I’ve seen with my own eyes that kids who have been hurt by others or their parents cause them to act out and do things they normally wouldn’t do because of their built up anger. No one knows what happens at home for a

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