The Outsiders Friendship Essay

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Ponyboy and Johnny’s Friendship
In the novel, The Outsiders, spending lonely days in the old church strengthened Ponyboy and Johnny’s friendship because it made them trust each other more and showed they needed each other more than they thought through the different events that occurred at the church. In the book the whole mess starts when Ponyboy gets slapped by Darry for coming home late and starts running away from home to meet up with Johnny. As they meet up they walk around alone at night all the way to a fountain in the park. Even though, they were far from Soc territory it was still dangerous. Consequently, the two boys get jumped by Socs, and Ponyboy starts getting drowned in the fountain. Thankfully, before it was too late Johnny pulled out a blade and sadly killed Bob, who was one of the
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When Ponyboy wakes up he is greeted with this note: “Went to get supplies. Be back soon. J.C.” (Hinton 69) . Thankfully, Johnny stuck to his word and came back. This may look insignificant to strengthening their friendship, however, it was the first step in them trusting each other more. It led them to trust each other more because Ponyboy was sleeping during the time Johnny left, Johnny could’ve gone anywhere and left Ponyboy, or if Ponyboy had woken up earlier he could’ve ran away aswell, since he didn’t want to be part of the mess. This means they could trust each other because instead of Johnny just running away so he could even get further from the cops he chose to actually get the things that could help them and showed that he was actually going to stay with Ponyboy. This would shows that Johnny is very trustworthy in Ponyboy's view because Johnny was the one that killed Bob which means he most likely would want to run away. However, he still wrote the note that said what he was getting and stuck by that. Secondly, as Ponyboy and Johnny spend time in the church they realize that if the police arrive they have to look unrecognizable,
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